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Installation Procedure

1. When considering a location for the dish keep in mind that the dish has to have an unobstructed view of the sky
in the direction in which it is to point, (see you Az. coordinates listed on sheet)

(SW in the East USA, S in the Mid USA, SE in the West USA)

2. Mount the dish arm securely to a building side wall (top of dish at least 2 feet down from overhang) or roof,
use braces to stabilize. Or you can use a pole (small chain link line post works) that is at least 3 feet in the ground
in concrete.

3. Mount the dish on arm or pole, set the elevation angle to the degree written on your coordinates Az, connect
coax cable to LNB (eye) on dish, run coax cable from dish to the satellite receiver box (be careful not to damage
the cable or cable ends). Connect cable to LNB IN connection on back of receiver box.

4. Connect TV to satellite receiver box and power up the system (there is a power switch on the back of the
receiver). Your TV screen should say no signal, don't push any other buttons on your dish remote (if you do then
use channel buttons to return it to channel 0001 or 3ABN English).

"Do not go into menu and change anything"

5. Go back out to the dish and move it horizontally starting West moving it East slowly until 3ABN appears on the
TV screen. If you move across the sky and 3ABN doesn't appear then try adjusting the elevation on the dish 1
or 2 degrees and move it across the sky again. When you get a picture lock down the dish.

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