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StarGenesis is a multi-satellite "Free To Air" satellite system.

1 receiver SD system $99 + shipping
2 receiver SD system $159 + shipping
1 receiver HD system $169 + shipping
2 receiver HD system $249 + shipping

Free self install kit
Free phone and internet support.


The StarGenesis satellite system consists of:

1 35" satellite signal receiving dish (outdoor eqpt.)
1 satellite receiver box (indoor eqpt.)
1 installation kit consisting of: 100' of RG6 coax cable, grounding block, grounding wire, 3" lag bolts,
cable connectors, and instructions for mounting and aiming dish.


The StarGenesis satellite dish can be mounted on a roof, side wall, or pole.

It face's SSW in East USA, S in Mid USA, or SSE in West USA.

Total Elevation angles on the dish range from 33 degrees in the North USA, to 48 degrees in the South USA.

The Specs for your location will be included in the instructions that come with your dish.

The satellite dish has to have an unobstructed view of the sky.

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